Frequently Asked Questions

Some parents don’t quite know what to make of wrestling as a sport because comparing wrestling to other sports such as soccer, football, baseball or lacrosse is impossible to do. Although wrestling is an outstanding team sport, when the wrestler walks out to compete on the mat they do so by themselves with only the moral support of their parents, coaches, teammates and spectators.

The individual nature of wrestling is what makes those kids who wrestle such outstanding leaders. They become self starters who understand the importance of hard work, preparation and mastering fundamentals. No other sport fosters self-respect, builds confidence, and treats the athlete to the thrill of victory other than the sport of wrestling. It’s a great year round sport and a great way to develop athleticism, speed, strength or mental and emotional skills.

This page contains a plethora of questions that have come up one time or another by wrestlers or parents/guardians of wrestlers.  Whether you are a parent/guardian that is new to wrestling and have general questions about wrestling rules, equipment, practice activities, tournaments, or you are a wrestling club veteran, the aim of this page is to help answer those burning questions.