About the Coaches and Board

The Saint Peter Youth Wrestling Board is comprised of elected officials as well as all parents/guardians of members of the wrestling club.  The goal of the board is to increase the awareness and participation in the sport of wrestling in St. Peter, MN. This is accomplished by developing and promoting a basic understanding and appreciation of wrestling on part of parents/guardians and youth pre-K-6, and to prepare them for the next levels of wrestling.  The board is governed through a charter of bylaws that describe the purpose of the board, the elected officials, and the guidelines of club operation.  The wrestling board elected members for the period of November 1st, 2019 → October 31st, 2020 can be found below.

Board Meetings and Minutes

The board meets formally each month to discuss club activities, policies, and make decisions as it relates to business concerning club operations.  Board meetings are not just for coaches and elected members but are available for all members of the organization to attend and contribute.  All parents and guardians in the community that are interested in attending these meetings are always welcome and encouraged to attend.  These meetings are typically scheduled a couple of weeks in advance and are published on our Event Calendar.  If you cannot attend but are interested in reviewing the topics discussed we post our meeting minutes on the Board Meetings page.

The Coaches


Jared Anderberg


Wyatt Gillette


Justin Draeger

The Board


Jake Hesse

Vice President

Pat Nordstrom


Jenni Robb


Jennifer Torres

Fundraising & Public Relations Coordinator

Heather Schmahl

Equipment Coordinator

Alex Mercado

Club Head Mom

Tasha Timmerman

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